Our company started the first production 25 years ago with Reinforcement manufacturing, without making concessions to the world-class production and following the technological developments closely expanded its product range and reached a global point of, branding lar in the new century. In our production, Support Plate, Gypsum Board Carrier Profiles, Insulation Profiles, Building Profiles, Galvanize and DKP Box Profiles, Trapezoidal-Corrugated-Stor-Flat Sheet, Roll, Sliced ​​Sheet and Accessories products are available. PROMETAL, one of the most respected companies in its sector, continues its production on a total area of ​​10,000 m2 (5000 m2) and a total of 5000 m2. Our company has been recognized in the sector since the first day it was founded and has never given up its principles.




25 years of know-how and experience to contribute to the country and the economy of the region to take continuous steps to use to grow with the creative identity of investments. To provide quality products and services by working within the framework of expert human resources, modern technology usage and customer oriented studies in line with the aim of keeping the quality of our products and services at the highest level. To contribute to the continuous development of the sector with its innovative and environmentally conscious working principle, to be a pioneer and to create difference. To protect the continuity of an honest, reliable and transparent structure by working under the laws, commercial and social ethics. To pioneer the sector by ensuring the continuity of quality, reliable product and service production in the light of the principles we are connected to.






Sustaining its sustainable growth with the values ​​it has created in the national and international markets by fulfilling the principles of the organization continuously; to continue to provide products and services in accordance with international quality standards by continuing to be an innovative, reputable and reliable brand; to continue our activities as a brand aiming at continuous improvement by incorporating innovations in the sector.



  • To fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System standard and continuously improve its efficiency,
  • Based on customer satisfaction in all our activities,
  • To work with a customer-oriented approach to understand expectations and serve to meet these expectations,
  • To increase the quality of staff by showing the importance and sensitivity required for education and awareness; create a high level of knowledge and skills; To give necessary trainings to include our employees in the quality production process,
  • To ensure the efficient use of resources and to increase efficiency and efficiency by applying continuous improvement and improvement in all units,
  • To work in accordance with laws, commercial and social ethics,
  • To make honesty, reliability, innovation, environmental awareness and team spirit a part of our business,
  • To pioneer environmental developments in industry and society by respecting our physical and social environment; Our company's basic principles of quality understanding.




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